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SoundMiner Special Offer proudly offers the immaculate Sound Storm Library with free, full-version SoundMiner key. SoundStorm's won an Academy Award® for The Ghost and The Darkness, and credits include features films like Tomb Raider, The Fast and the Furious, Queen of the Damned, Collateral, Holes, xXx, The Postman, Pleasantville, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Miami Vice (tv), The Fugitive, Clearn and Present Danger, Torque, Elf, The Core, The Sum of All Fears, Scary Movie, Three Kings, 8MM, U.S. Marshalls, LA Confidential, A Time to Kill, Dangerous Minds, Under Siege, Star Trek Nemesis, Blood Work, Heartbreakers, The Replacements, Space Cowboys, Dudley Do-Right, The 13th Warrior, Quest for Camelot, Speed 2, Absolute Power, Hollywood Homicide, Miracle, and many-many more.
Hollywood's Sound Storm library of 50,850 BWAV metadata embedded sound effects includes free shipping and a 320 Gb hard drive at no additional cost. Additionally, you will receive a free, full-version SoundMiner (sound asset management system) license with purchase of the Soundstorm Library.

We invite you to preview this professionally mastered library: Sound Storm - Sound Preview

For further details on this important sound library please review: Sound Storm - Details

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