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Windows Movie Maker 2 for Windows XP makes home movies amazingly fun. Easily build your movie with a few drag-and-drops, delete bad shots, add special effects, music and narration.

Take your projects to the next level with professional sound effects, looped tracks, and music from the Internet's premier source, Download the sampler pack to get you started!

Download Pack 1 Now! 10.2 MB
Download Pack 2 Now! 10.4 MB
Download Pack 3 Now! 10.9 MB
Download Pack 4 Now! 7.5 MB

Need more sounds for your project? Log onto and you'll find it all: from Bach to breakbeat, steam trains to snakes. has over 142,000 sound effects, music and loops online so you're guaranteed to find what you need to make your next Movie Maker 2 project a masterpiece! Click here to begin your search!

PLUS - take advantage of a special offer just for Movie Maker 2 users. We'll give you 25% free credit on any purchase that you make at Simply make the purchase then email us at is Hollywood's premier choice for sound effects, music and loops. Created and maintained for Editors by Editors.

We feature many great Hollywood talents like Dan O'Connell (Gladiator, Antz), Bobby Mackston (The Simpsons), Ken Johnson (Independence Day, Fargo), Soundstorm (LA's foremost post facility) and sounds from the up coming feature film, The Anarchist Cookbook.

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