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103 sound effects from a wide selection. Guaranteed exceptional.
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Jam packed with 117 top quality sound effects!
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128 WAV files + 15 Multi-Channel WAV files
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1) Go to
2) Click on 'Downloadable Dog Packs'
3) Find ** X-Mas Special ** MX and SFX for $9.95! **
4) Name any 1 of the 18 sounds on (from the Nokes sound library)


Name any 1 of the 18 sounds from the X-Mas Special download.
Email your answer to:
Include your name and user email.

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Congratulations Michelle Shields our November 2008 winner.
The Thanksgiving sounds were from the Dog Pack Download.

Congratulations Derek Shetterly our October 2008 winner.
The name of the digital download was: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

Congratulations to Robert Burns our September 2008 winner.
Any 2 of the 117 sound effects for Dog Pack 4 were correct.

Congratulations to Mike Niederquell our August 2008 winner.
Any 2 of the 113 sound effects listed for Dog Pack 3 Mixed Bag were correct.

Congratulations to Steven Hindley our July 2008 winner.
The Airborne Sound Logo and Title Whooshes is royalty-free.

Congratulations to Bill Spurrill our June 2008 winner.
The Darwin Chamber sound library for Hawaii offers excellent Sound Effects.

Congratulation to Jason Tratta our May 2008 winner.
The second sound selection after a 'mayhem' search is "avalanche" from the Sounddog Library.

Congratulations to N. Buckinger our April 2008 winner.
Under Samples and Loops there are 12 categories listed.

Congratulation to Ken Thevenot our March 2008 winner.
The correct production music track for $1.00 is called GET IT.

Congratulations to Kenneth Young our February 2008 winner.
The correct CD from ProDOGtion Music was: Acoustic 1

Congratulations to Julie Stemmler our January 2008 winner.
The max bonus credit when you purchase a prepaid account is 35% (40% for educators)!

Congratulations to David Smith our December 2007 winner.
The first song heard in the Christmas Download preview was: The 12 Days of Christmas.

Congratulations to Brent Findley our November 2007 winner.
The first item on Downloadable DogPacks page was: DOG PACK 5

Congratulation to Dan Greenwood our October 2007 winner.
Enter T-Blades sound effects. The MAX cost for this sound was $1.00

Congratulations to Mike Guymon our September 2007 winner.
The Owner/Founder of is Rob NOKES. The first sound from the NOKES Library was: Go-Kart,By,Fast,Pan,Decel Fast

Congratulations BARBY BENNETT our August 2007 winner.
After entering: Chipmunk Chirp into the quick search there are SIX sound variations from the Airborne Sound Library.

Congratulations JOHN IAFRATE our July 2007 winner.
What sound do you hear on the Soundstorm preview:
Many answers: horse, guns, explosion etc. LISTEN HERE

Congratulations RICH ROGERS our June 2007 winner.
The first sound from Airborne Sound's Great Starter Set Preview was:
EXCITED BAR APPLAUSE (cheers, woo hoos were all correct answers)

Congratulations KURT WAGNER our May 2007 winner.
Magician makes an object rise in air to appear like its FLOATING.
Sense of touch is FEEL.
Opposite of bad, GOOD.

Congratulations CHRIS PIFER our April 2007 winner.
Click on 'Downloadable Dog Packs'
24-bit REMOTE CONTROLLED Helicopter
When entered into quick search the first sound is the correct answer: 546013

Congratulations SIMON BOWAN our March 2007 winner.
After one: TWO
More than one man: MEN
Clipping small shrubs: PRUNING
Pine is one type of: TREE
Motorized tree cutters: CHAINSAWS
Correct Sound Effect...478930

Congratulations JILL BONNIE our February 2007 winner.
Cellphone sound: Ringtone
Sounds produced by the voice: Vocals
Biped Primate: Human
Barnyard Fowl: Chicken
Sound of Barnyard Fowl: Clucks
The first number: 1
Correct Sound Effect...478838

Congratulations TAMARA ROBERTS our January 2007 winner.
Opposite of Foreground Int. = BACKGROUND EXT
1st name of disc group who sang YMCA = VILLAGE
4-Legged best friends = DOGS
Game with bat, ball, wickets = CRICKET
Stuck on the freeway? You are stuck in = TRAFFIC
Correct Sound Effect...424226

Congratulations CHRIS HUNT our December 2006 winner.
James Earl Jones has a distinctive = VOICE
Not female = MALE
Fill in the vowels = HO HO H O CHRISTMAS
Correct Sound Effect...285851

Congratulations Charles Rice our November 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
SYNTH is short for synthesizer.
How much do you weigh? Step on a SCALE
Neil Young's "Heart of GOLD"
Add an 'r' to tickle and a 'd' to own: TRICKLE DOWN
Correct Sound Effect...318309

Congratulations Michael Paraskevas our October 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
Put your ear to my chest to hear my: HEARTBEAT
Alanis Morissette album: "JAGGED Little Pill"
"Smoke On The Water" band: DEEP Purple
A house with a ghost is said to be: HAUNTED
Correct Sound Effect...140621

Congratulations Aaron Dailey our September 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
Marconi invented the: (RADIO)
STING sang in a band called The: (POLICE)
Abreviation for Los Angeles: (LA)
SNL Alumni Chevy: (CHASE)
More than one arrest: (ARRESTS)
Correct Sound Effect ...146733

Congratulations David Temby our August 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
80's Heavy Metal Band: Quiet (RIOT)
Motley Crue Song: Girls, Girls, (GIRLS)
Unscramble antch = (CHANT)
Red maple leaf is the flag of (CANADA)
Correct Sound Effect ...397288

Congratulations Judge Rice our July 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
"Land of the ___ Sun." (RISING)
Company emblem (LOGO)
Swimming __ Sharks (WITH)
Tick Tock (CLOCK)
Unscramble: emich (CHIME)
accIDent lost it's ID (ACCENT)
Correct Sound Effect ... 317858

Congratulations Vicki Ebberts our June 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
More than one goose (GEESE)
Roman numeral: CD (400)
Pressing car horn repeatedly (HONKING)
Finish this expression: For crying out ____! (LOUD)
www = world ____ web (WIDE)
Correct Sound Effect ...104143

Congratulations Jeremie Bernard our May 2006 winner.
Clues and Answers:
Anagram of TRACE (REACT)
15th letter in alphabet 8th letter in alphabet 8th letter in alphabet 8th letter in alphabet (OHHH)
1988 Tom Hanks movie (BIG)
Light Clap (LIGHT CLAP)
Correct Sound Effect...392994

Congratulations John Dagwell our April 2006 winner.
Girl, Happy Sound, Witch Laugh, Originally known as Dippy Dawg, "_____ & Dumber"
Answers...Female,Laugh,Cackle,Goofy,Dumb (MONO) 13 seconds
Correct Sound Effect...140482

Congratulations Doug Johnson our March 2006 winner.
Bow Wow, Big, Covering of a Tree, Not Close, Opposite of Ext.
Dogs, Large, Bark, Dist, Int (MONO) 22 seconds
Correct Sound Effect... 121458

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