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Sound ID 11349807
Audio Content: Production Music

Sound File Description: Electro Indian - Here Is A Spacious, Percussive, Yet Unobtrusive Electronic Underscore With A Middle Eastern Or Indian Vibe. It Utilizes World Beat Instruments Like Sitar And Tabla, Blended With Modern Electronic Music. Very Usable For Moods Like: Crime Preparation, Tension, Csi, Persistence, Organized Crime, Waiting, Science Fiction, Video Game Play, High Tech, Cooking Show. Alex Khaskin. Salieri Music Publishing Inc (Socan)

Library: Music Revolution    Music Revolution

Length: 100 seconds

Channels: 2

Sound File Formats Available: WAV, MP3

Sample Rate:  44100 Hz

Bit Depth:  16 bits

Sound UID: 11349807

Delivery Method: Download

Max Cost: $ 89.21

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