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Sound ID 11332982
Audio Content: Production Music

Sound File Description: Land Of A Dream - Intro 2 - This Is A Short Piano Intro, A Little Energetic And Suitable For Youtube Videos, Broadcasts, Presentations And Others. (Keywords: Cheerful, Confident, Easy, Elegant, Fun, Joyful, Light, Playful, Sweet, Uplifting, Piano, Warm, Optimism, Friendly, Intro, Outro, Opening, Opener, Ending, Finale, Feeling, Nostalgia, Energetic, Preparing, Melodic, Instrumental, Piano, Classical, Beginning, Motivational, Introduction, Piano Logo, Ident, Piano Riff, Ad... Vladulescu Andrei

Library: Music Revolution    Music Revolution

Length: 8 seconds

Channels: 2

Sound File Formats Available: WAV, MP3

Sample Rate:  44100 Hz

Bit Depth:  16 bits

Sound UID: 11332982

Delivery Method: Download

Max Cost: $ 42.71

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