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The BBC Nature Sound Effects

$3,999.00 USD
Welcome to the most diverse array of nature and animal sound effects in the world. The BBC Nature Sound Effects Library is an extensive collection of 13,695 royalty-free sound effects recorded by BBC's top sound engineers from the late 1960s on.

Never before released, this library contains seventy categories of nature, ambience and animal sound effects that cross borders and span the globe. Sounds include Apes from Borneo, ice cracking in Alaska, Killer Whale sound effects from Norway, Ethiopian Baboons and thousands more.

This library also includes ten thousand bird sounds, from Costa Rican Vultures to Canadian Sparrows, from French Bee Eaters to South Georgian Macaroni Penguins. The BBC Nature Archives is sure to impress with international sounds from the around the world.

13,695 SFX | 278 GB
16 bits / 44.1 broadcast .wav files
500GB USB 3.0 hard drive
Mac and PC compatible
3-Year Data Replacement Policy

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