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Coll Anderson SFX Library

Over 11,750 SFX / 150 GIGS


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A complete collection of over 11,750 BWAV Metadata Embedded Sound Effects on a 150 Gigs HDD.

Coll has been the Production Sound Mixer on over 20 feature films including Steve Buscemi's critically acclaimed Trees Lounge and Alex Winter's Fever, an official selection in the Directors Fortnight at Cannes. His production resume includes television shows Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and 13 National Commercial Campaigns ranging from pharmaceutical products to BMW.

He has been the supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer for more that 20 feature films and was the sound designer for Errol Morris' Emmy winning PBS Stay Curious Advertising Campaign. When speaking of Fever the Village Voice praised Coll's sound design for "weaving creaks, clanks, and thumps into a distinctive and eerie symphony of tenement sounds." Roger Ebert said of Mr. Death, The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter Jr. ".this film sounds amazing!"

Coll Anderson was born in 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Iowa, Kentucky and Utah and received a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in 1991. Raised the son of a Midwestern Country radio disk jockey, his interest in audio engineering and technology started at an early age. He recorded his first feature length Documentary at 19 and his first Dolby feature at 21. His favorite thing to do is go into the field and record new and distinct sounds for the big screen.


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