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The SoundStorm Sound Effects Library

The SoundStorm Sound Effects Library

SoundStorm won an Academy Award® for The Ghost and The Darkness, and credits include features films like Tomb Raider, The Fast and the Furious, Queen of the Damned, Collateral, Holes, xXx, The Postman, Pleasantville, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Miami Vice (tv), The Fugitive, Clearn and Present Danger, Torque, Elf, The Core, The Sum of All Fears, Scary Movie, Three Kings, 8MM, U.S. Marshalls, LA Confidential, A Time to Kill, Dangerous Minds, Under Siege, Star Trek Nemesis, Blood Work, Heartbreakers, The Replacements, Space Cowboys, Dudley Do-Right, The 13th Warrior, Quest for Camelot, Speed 2, Absolute Power, Hollywood Homicide, Miracle, and many-many more.

"All sound supervisors at Disney use this library. 
Great recordings, awesome sound effects, covers all entities."
Robert Sephton M.P.S.E (Sound Supervisor, Designer, Editor)  - Walt Disney Pictures
 (credits: Remember The Titans, Pearl Harbor, Chicken Little)

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$2,500 USD

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Click here to download the Excel list of the Complete Library (11.3 mB).

Click here to download the PDF Tracklising of the Complete Library (6.74 mB).

Download the sound effects search database: Soundminer (9.2 mB)

Hollywood's SoundStorm library of 55,637 BWAV metadata embedded sound effects is now available in downlodable format. Supercharge your server with one of the most powerful sound effects libraries ever created for $5,000 USD.

SoundStorm® is a Trademark of Sounddogs.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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