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About Subscriptions offers an Annual Subscription

The Subscription gives you access to all royalty free sound effects and music on and will automatically include all new content added to the site during the term of your Subscription.

The Annual Fee for the Subscription is $240. Purchase Here.

There are no additional fees for this subscription unless your licensing needs fall outside our standard end user license agreement.

The purpose of the Subscription is to provide our customers with a reasonably priced option to exercise for their professional use. Downloads are monitored. As part of the monitoring process, the $240 Annual Fee allows you to download up to 50 sounds/music tracks per week, up to 200 sounds/music tracks per month and up to 2,000 sounds/music tracks per year. If the download limits on your Subscription are too low for your legitimate use of the site, please contact us and we can arrange to establish higher download limits for your account.  Depending on your needs, there may be an additional fee charged for higher download limits.

If any of the download limits are exceeded, the option to pay for downloads with your Subscription will be temporarily removed. It will be re-instated when your account is back in compliance with the limitations.  For instance if you download the weekly limit of 50 sounds in one day, you will not be able to make use of your Subscription until the next week.

The download limits or throttles have been established to protect from individuals who would scrape the Web site for all of its content or attempt bulk downloads.

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