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Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting started

Q. Can I login to the site for free?

A. Yes.

Q. What is an account?

A. Your unique email address which is used for your profile.

Q. Can I preview sounds for free?

A. Yes. Mouse over the play icon. By clicking on it will display our sound player.

Purchasing sounds

Q. Are the sounds free?

A. The sounds are free for evaluation purposes. Right click on the Id number and 'Save Target As' or 'Download Link to Disk'.

Q. Can I have a sample of your best effects in top quality? 

A. Of course, you can listen to a sample of our favorite effects here.

Q. How much are sounds?

A. Price is based on length, quality, channels, and supplier.
Sample Rates less than 44.1 kHz, and bit rates less than 16, are non-professional, and have less sound quality.
For pro quality, prices ranges from $1.00 and up. Semi-pro (22-32k) quality is 50% and consumer (11k) quality is 25% of the pro rate.
To find the price of a sound, check the shopping cart icon. Your sound will be now in your Basket. Click on Checkout you can now modify your settings and see how the price changes with no obligation to buy.

Q. How do I pay for sounds?

A. Credit Card, PayPal, Prepaid Account.

Q. How do I setup a prepaid account?

A. Go to your Customer Menu - Purchase a Prepaid Account.

Q. What is Sounddogs refund policy?

A. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Q. Do you offer a discount on large purchases?

A. Yes, please email us for details.

Q. What file formats do you offer?

A. We offer AIFF , WAV , MP3 (compressed).

Q. How do I add sounds?

A. Simply check the shopping cart icon.

Q. How can I save my search to review before purchasing?

A. You can add items to your basket and log out. Your sounds will be there when you log on again.

Q. Can you create a virtual CD with different sounds?

A. Yes, we can. Emails us for details.


After purchasing

Q. I ordered and paid for my sounds where are they?

A. There could be system or user error; email us and we'll help you. Please also check your email to see if you have received any notification from us.

Q. How do I save my sounds to my disks?

A. Download the from the complete order page, your order history or Sounddogs.com email.

Q. Why did my order not get processed?

A. Make sure that your billing information is accurate, including your billing street and zip code. Update your Billing Information and retry.

Q. I did not download the sound I purchased and now the link has no page.

A. Links are available for a week or so. Contact us and we will send a new link to you.

Q. I can´t copy the sound files on a CD. What is wrong?

A. Please make sure your settings are the following: 44100 kHz, Stereo, 16 bit.