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Production Music Partners

2b Media Services
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Colin Willsher (2b Media Services) has written over 200 scores for major television broadcasters and production companies - that's literally thousands of individual music cues. Clients have included BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Colin has been published by EMI and contributed to many of the top production music libraries such as KPM Music, Music House and Standard Music, together with Stock Music in Belgium and Sonoton in Germany. Major corporate clients have included Speedo, BAE Systems, Twinings and Ernst & Young.

Addictive Music
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Writer, arranger, musician & engineer. Paul LeCorre composes Pop & Rock instrumental themes for use in Television, Radio & Film. He is also a singer songwriter & lyricist who has written & performed his music for more than twenty years. He is presently living in Montreal, Quebec where he operates his own Pro tools based recording studio called Little World Music.

AKM Music
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Based in the UK, AKM has been making great music for over ten years. This is truly a unique collection of over 50 CDs that covers styles such as Classical, Romantic Songs covering various genres to guitar music in many styles.

Andrea Toso
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Andrea Toso born and curretnly living in Turin, Italy, has composed and delivered music for TV, cinema, theatre and other songwriters. He first started writing music for short feature films and appeared in different festivals with independents productions. In 2002 he wrote music for theatrical show for POLYSTILE, an Italian company, and in 2003 he worked for RAI (the Italian network) as a composer. Starting from 2004 he has been collaborating with Mattia Donna and other musicians such as Sergio Villanova and Diego Zucaro. In 2006 his music was published by EMI Italy on the first album of Mattia Donna; with whom he played in many concert rooms and festivals throughout Italy. In 2007 he collaborated with composer Nicola Tescari on the realization of the music for the picture “Aspettando il sole”, directed by Ago Panini and produced by Mikado.

Audivarius Production Music
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Audivarius Music creates high quality, licensable production music tracks. Suited for any use. Teo is a composer, sound designer and musician and has been actively scoring music for media since 2002. His projects have landed at world-renowned film festivals such as the Pusan International Film Festival, Cartoons Animation Festival and the New York Festivals Film & Television Awards. He has also scored global broadcast feature docudramas for the National Geographic Channel.

B.D. Lenz
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B.D. Lenz is a NY based contemporary jazz guitarist who's music combines heavy groove & songwriting with virtuosic musicianship. Signed to Apria Records he has released 6 highly acclaimed recordings featuring such greats as Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Mark Egan, & Joel Rosenblatt. His music can be heard all over the television on such networks as MTV, VH1, USA, A&E, PBS, Spike, etc.

BackTalk Unlimited
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Backtalk Unlimited is an independent record label with studios in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer CD albums that contain arrangements of original compositions and popular tunes. We also produce original music for incorporation into production music libraries. Musical styles vary among traditional (Dixieland) jazz, be-bop, improvisational jazz, jazz fusion, 12-bar blues, Latin jazz, Latin rhythms, classical and semi-classical, new age, and third-stream. Musical moods vary among happy/joyful, excited, intense, thoughtful, relaxation/meditation , and sad, sad blues. Backtalk Unlimited offers a variety of musical services that include collaboration on recording and performance of music-related projects, production of customized musical arrangements, background music and accompaniment for vocalists and professional stage acts, customized ringtones, and related services. One of our most popular services involves setting poetry to original music.

Badger Music
Wildly diverse styles and genres - Timeless themes - The funkiest of grooves - Innovative arrangements - Composer Brent Barkman creates powerful music that honors tradition while breaking new ground. Genres include Orchestral, Dramatic, Pop, World, Rock, Children's Jazz Corporate, and Holiday.

Black Records
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Black Records is Italian record label focused in the record and production music industry. In 2006 Black Records created their production music library including various genres and styles, which involve about 40 musicians and composers, ensuring adequate musical supply for every production. Black Records is currently known for their contemporary music style collaborations with the Italian national television network RAI Trade.

Lynne Publishing
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Lynne Publishing is a music and sound design label run by Bjorn Lynne, a self taught musician and sound designer from Norway, Scandinavia. Bjorn has recently set up his own studio in Norway, after working in the UK for 10 years producing music for everything from large installations and high profile television programs (BBC Meet the Ancestors, CBS 60 Minutes, Granada Men and Motors and many more), right down to ringtones for BT (UK's largest telephone operator) and music for video games. Bjorn Lynne continues to compose and produce music in his Norwegian seafront studio and recently his music has been licensed by such clients as Microsoft, BBC, U.S. Air Force, and hundreds of others. Bjorn is also a keen sound designer and can often be found out and about recording natural and unnatural sounds and noises.

Car Chase Music
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Rocktronica uptempo instrumental music for film and TV action scenes and movie trailers.

Classical Music Licensing
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Use the link above to browse the music of Chris Worth.

Composing the Score
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We are a full functioning original music composing company. We can custom tailor original music for any project, as well as accommodate any projects needs or budgets. Our services range from and are not only bound to: * Film Scores * Television Scores * Radio & Television Commercials * Website Music * Music For Software & Video Games * DVD Menus used in Authoring * Cell Phone Ring Tones

Dan Morrissey
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Use the link above to browse the music of Allessandre Lecce.

Del Michaels Music Series
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The Del Michael's Library is an original and broadcast quality catalogue from the UK.
We are constantly creating a unique sound and style of music that will attract clients' interest. Music that has a current, commercial edge, trying to re-invent creativity from a whole new perspective.

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Dynamedion is the leading provider of Video Game music in Germany. With studios in France and the US the company has grown an international reputation in the games business in the past four years. 
With currently over ten composers Dynamedion offers a broad range of musical styles and sound design - with a strong focus on all orchestral styles, including huge live orchestra productions. 
In 2004 the company started to work for the US TV and movie market and already has some major credits like the NFL Superbowl on FOX, or various movie trailers of big Hollywood productions.

Erik Haddad
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With a diverse musical background, Erik Haddad composes high quality instrumental music to suit a variety of different productions. From ethereal electronic soundscapes to full orchestral pieces, Erik’s work covers a wide spectrum of styles and moods. Genres include Electronica, Classical/Orchestral, Pop, World/Ethnic, Rock, Children’s, Jazz, Urban /R&B/ Hip-Hop, Corporate, Latin, New Age, and everything in between.

Exit Strategy
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Use the link above to browse the music of Exit Strategy.

Fresh Music
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Based in New Hampshire, Tom Cote has over 150 CDs from Acoustic Atmospheres, Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Latin, Pop, all the way to Western Swing.

B&H Gold Music
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This inspired series of avant-garde award winning, uniquely crafted originality is packed with music from the Urban streets. Music includes samples of electric funk to gangsta inspired textures.

Hollywood Edge Music
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The Hollywood Edge is a division of Soundelux, a major post production facility in Hollywood that has worked on many Award winning feature films over the years. The music catalog contains Orchestra, World music, and Dance amongst other genres.

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (JRS)
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Jeffrey Ryan Smoots is a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff has appeared in Guitar of the Practicing Musician magazine and Guitar One Magazine. Jeff focuses primarily on rock and electronica, with an emphasis on melody. Jeff is also an unrepentant guitar shredder; not afraid to play "too many notes" should the occasion demand it.

Julio Kladniew
Use the link above to browse Julio Kladniew's music

JRT Music
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With 6000 tracks in their collection, JRT Music, based in New York, offers a wide and unique music collection ranging from Full Orchestral and Classical productions to House, Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, Latin, Authentic 70's, Electronic, Dance, Soul, Jazz and much more.

Kool Music
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Hailing from Ontario Canada, Kool Music covers a wide mix of musical styles including contemporary pop and rock tracks to full orchestration in a variety of moods.

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MusicRevolution provides media producers, businesses and other music buyers with great royalty-free production, or stock, music at affordable prices for TV/radio broadcast, film, corporate video, retail and website background music, legal music for YouTube, on-hold music, and other business music applications.

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From the Producers of the Nightingale Music Library and the Nightingale Voice Box,Nightingale Mobile was created to look after the overwhelming requests for ringtones from its libraries. From the initial offering of 3000 ringtones, Nightingale has added new ringtones specifically for the mobile market and now also offers video clips and video programming to its content catalogue as well.The Mobile industry is growing rapidly and so is Nightingale Mobile.

Roundabout Music Loops
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Jerry Cline dishes up a modern sample of drum and bass loops in a variety of styles. If your production needs some samples to get some ideas going check out these great loops.

Sound Ideas
Founded in 1978 and now located just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of sound effects for the professional broadcast, post-production and motion picture industries. Our sound effects and music libraries are used all over the world. Sound Ideas is the exclusive worldwide distributor for a number of custom-created feature film studio sound effect libraries, including: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Turner Entertainment, Disney Ideas, Hanna-Barbara, Warner Bros., The Saul Zaentz Film Center (creators of "Amadeus"), and Jay Ward Productions - the creators of Rocky & Bullwinkle.Sound Ideas uses the same care and professionalism it’s famous for with its sound effects to produce high quality royalty free production music. The Mix Music Library is a tremendous resource for commercial and promotional applications, and the Tune Drive series of Hard Drives offers  production music in the most used musical genres.

Trend Audio
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Trendaudio is a company where experienced musicians, DJs and Sound engineers work towards innovation and new trends in music. From Dance and Samba to different guitar varieties, TrendAudio covers a variety of musical ground.

Woo Woo Music
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Dewey Dellay started his career playing bass in such diverse settings as jazz with Gary Burton and Pat Metheny, rock with Ronnie Spector, and classical with the MIT Orchestra. His experience as a player naturally lead to composing for television, including the soap opera "Guiding Light", and national commercials for products like AOL, Imitrex, Rogaine, and Levitra. Some films he has composed for are "Amy's Rules", "Pearl Harbor - The View from Japan ", and, "Haunted Lantern." Dewey's theater work includes original music for The Countess and Betrayal, winner of an Elliot Norton Award. He has also been nominated for an IRNE in Boston for sound design.

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