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Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive

$9,995.00 USD

The Complete Hollywood Edge Library Hard Drive - 70,990 Sound Effects on Hard Drive

The Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive contains the complete Hollywood Edge arsenal of sound effects on hard drive - that's 70,990 Sound Effects at your disposal! The individual collections would normally retail for $32,691.00 - that's over $20,000 in savings!

The Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive includes:

    3D SFX Sound Effects
    Animation Collection
    Advanced Audio FX
    Alan Howarth Signature Series
    Alien Machine Shop
    Animal Trax
    Animal Planet Sounds Vol. 1
    American Zoetrope: Apocalypse Now
    American Zoetrope: Sentinel Vault Archives
    American Zoetrope: Vehicles
    Burtis Bills American West Sound Effects
    Busted Fx & Most Wanted Sound Effects
    Background Trax
    Car Chase Scene Elements
    Cosmic Environments
    Charles Maynes Sig Series
    Cartoon Trax
    Cartoon Trax Volume II
    Citi Trax
    Creaks and Squeaks - 24bit 96kHz
    The Edge Volume 1
    The Edge Volume 2
    The Edge Volume 3
    The Eerie Edition
    Eilam Hoffman Signature Series
    European Edition
    Evil Effects
    Extreme Drones
    Explosions Sound Effects
    Foley Series Library
    Game FX - 24 bit 96kHz
    Hi Tech & Top Secret
    Historical Series Sound Effects
    HPX AIFF/ Audio
    Hollywood Foley FX
    Hot Truck Series
    Laughs Cheers & Applause
    Lon Bender's Gadgets
    Martial Arts
    Master Edition Metallic Elements
    Mechanical Morphs
    Musical Accents
    Musical Sound Effects
    Off Stage Set
    Premiere Edition Volumes 1-10
    Premiere Edition HD - 24bit 96 kHz
    Sci-Fi Toolkit
    SEGUE Surround 5.1 HD - 24bit 96khz in true 5.1
    Signature Series - Peter M Sullivan
    Sound Designer's Tool Kit
    Sound Designer's Tool Kit 2
    Sound Designer's Tool Kit 3
    Sounds of a Different Realm
    Sounds of Speed Library
    Sports with Balls & Surround Crowds
    Street Racers 1
    Super Single 1
    Super Single 2
    Surround Crowds 5.1
    Title FX Volume 1 Production Elements
    Title FX Volume 2 Production Elements
    World Edition Sports


    70,990 royalty free sound effects
    Available on Hard Drive