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Overview of Sounddogs.com

Sounddogs.com offers over 1,000,000 files available for immediate download in three different file formats.

We also sell pre-packaged libraries available on CDs, DVDs , Hard Disk Drives, Virtual Libraries and Customized Virtual Libraries.

Creating an account:

Creating an account is free. Simply type in your email address and create a password for yourself.


1. Type in key words in the Quicksearch box (upper left) and click on the 'Go' image. (i.e. Dog Bark).
2. Click on ADVANCED SEARCH using keywords, search type, supplier and/or search length.
3. Click on SEARCH SOUNDS A-Z  to search alphabetically


Every sound on our site can be previewed by mouseovering the play icon. If clicking on it the player will display and open your sound in wave form.

Selecting Sounds:

When you find a sound you like, click the basket icon.


Sounds are priced individually. Prices are determined by length and sound quality.
The best way to see the price of a sound is to add it to your basket. This will show you a price with no commitment to buy.


To finalize your purchase, click on any of the Checkout options. After a final confirmation screen you will be presented with links which contain your sounds. You will also be sent similar information in an email.

Customer Care:

If you have any questions before or after your purchase please contact us:

Telephone: 310-399-4557
Toll Free: 877-315-3647

Mailing Address:
105 West Beaver Creek Road
Suite 4
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
L4B 1C6