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Music Partners

2b Media Services
Colin Willsher (2b Media Services) has written over 200 scores for major television broadcasters and production companies - that's literally thousands of individual music cues. Clients have included BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Colin has been published by EMI and contributed to many of the top production music libraries such as KPM Music, Music House and Standard Music, together with Stock Music in Belgium and Sonoton in Germany. Major corporate clients have included Speedo, BAE Systems, Twinings and Ernst & Young.

Adventure Play Music
Chris and Julian Lines have created a wide assortment of fine music ranging in theme from Trip Hop and Electronic beats to Retro 70s Punk and Screaming Guitar Raves.

AKM Music
Based in the UK, AKM has been making great music for over ten years. This is truly a unique collection of over 50 CDs that covers styles such as Classical, Romantic Songs covering various genres to guitar music in many styles.

Audio Network PLC
Audio Network represents a huge catalog from many accomplished UK based musicians ranging from Bach to Rock. Some of their genres include Acid Jazz, Blues, Electronica, Latin, New Age, and Soul, amongst others.

Big Dog Music Design
Based in Chicago and Los Angeles, Big Dog Music Design provides original music that is distinctive and authentic in all genres including rock, hip-hop, techno, jazz, metal, experimental, alternative, new age, country, ethnic, and orchestral.

Brian Slawson
Brian Slawson has been critically acclaimed as a "musical original." While playing marimba on the streets of New York City, became discovered by John Hammond. Brian offers us some great samples of his work from Rock to Pop.

Bjorn Lynne
LynneMusic is a music and sound design label run by Bjorn Lynne, a self taught musician and sound designer from Norway, Scandinavia. Bjorn has recently set up his own studio in Norway, after working in the UK for 10 years producing music for everything from large installations and high profile television programs (BBC Meet the Ancestors, CBS 60 Minutes, Granada Men and Motors and many more), right down to ringtones for BT (UK's largest telephone operator) and music for video games.

Bjorn Lynne continues to compose and produce music in his Norwegian seafront studio and recently his music has been licensed by such clients as Microsoft, BBC, U.S. Air Force, and hundreds of others. Bjorn is also a keen sound designer and can often be found out and about recording natural and unnatural sounds and noises.

Car Chase Music
Rocktronica uptempo instrumental music for film and TV action scenes and movie trailers.

Cecilia Recordings
Based in the UK, Cecilia recordings is a vast collection of music covering Adventure and Cartoon and Classical to Industrial/Corporate and Sports material.

Crank City
Based in Tennessee, this library offers over 30 cds of music in styles ranging from acoustic guitar and ambiences to jazz and world music.

Dan Graham Music
Dan is a young British composer who has worked on production music, short films and animations. His most recent work has been Solo Piano albums for various libraries. His style has been variously described as beautiful, highly melodic, emotional and visual with a magical Eastern European flavour.

Fresh Music
Based in New Hampshire, Tom Cote has over 150 CDs from Acoustic Atmospheres, Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Latin, Pop, all the way to Western Swing.

Gayle Ellett
Now living in California, Gayle Ellett started playing piano at age 5, and performing professionally at age 13, playing guitar in different groups. He now plays different instruments and now offers music in styles such as various guitar rock to electronica and world music amongst others.

Harmony Gold
This inspired series of avant-garde award winning, uniquely crafted originality is packed with music from the Urban streets. Music includes samples of electric funk to gangsta inspired textures.

Hillel Music
Fin Johnston, composer, arranger, producer, keyboardist, bassist, and vocalist, was influenced in his teens by such artists as The Crusaders, Edgar Winter, and Herbie Hancock. In 1979, he moved from the Chicago area to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career. Since then, Fin's work has included film, videos, TV, radio and various recording projects. With an old school approach, he sticks with what he does well. Keep it simple and keep it funky.

Hollywood Edge Music
The Hollywood Edge is a division of Soundelux, a major post production facility in Hollywood that has worked on many Award winning feature films over the years. The music catalog contains Orchestra, World music, and Dance amongst other genres.

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots (JRS)
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots is a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in the Pacific Northwest. Jeff has appeared in Guitar of the Practicing Musician magazine and Guitar One Magazine. Jeff focuses primarily on rock and electronica, with an emphasis on melody. Jeff is also an unrepentant guitar shredder; not afraid to play "too many notes" should the occasion demand it.

JRT Music
With 6000 tracks in their collection, JRT Music, based in New York, offers a wide and unique music collection ranging from Full Orchestral and Classical productions to House, Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, Latin, Authentic 70's, Electronic, Dance, Soul, Jazz and much more.

Kool Music
Hailing from Ontario Canada, Kool Music covers a wide mix of musical styles including contemporary pop and rock tracks to full orchestration in a variety of moods.

MoD Music
Based in Los Angeles, MoD music represents a wide assortment of musicals styles from artists all over Norway and America. Genres include blues, country, jazz, and rap amongst others.

Music Revolution
Music Revolution provides media producers, businesses and other music buyers with great royalty-free production, or stock, music at affordable prices for TV/radio broadcast, film, corporate video, retail and website background music, legal music for YouTube, on-hold music, and other business music applications.

Based in London, Music2Vision has a way of creating world-class music for all media productions. Examples range from single loops to a full 'Programme Pack' containing Opening title, Closing, Underscore, Stings and Loops.

From the Producers of the Nightingale Music Library and the Nightingale Voice Box,Nightingale Mobile was created to look after the overwhelming requests for ringtones from its libraries. From the initial offering of 3000 ringtones, Nightingale has added new ringtones specifically for the mobile market and now also offers video clips and video programming to its content catalogue as well.The Mobile industry is growing rapidly and so is Nightingale Mobile.

Nightingale Voice Box
One of the largest and most respected producers of "voice" production elements, Nightingale first got its name producing and distributing first class music and sound effects and then added this new library to it's line-up. Nightingale has been supplying voice elements to Hollywood feature films, tv shows, commercials, games and multi-media producers around the world ever since.

Notepad Music
Based in Dorset, southern UK, Notepad Music spends their time writing and producing music for a variety of media applications. Music styles range from live strings and underscores to piano ballads and funk music.

Perfect Solution Music
Perfect Solution Music is a UK based music publishing company specializing in soundtracks for the audio-visual production industries. Since 1992 they have been licensing music for TV, films, DVDs and video productions, radio, computer games, websites and have composed for just about every type of production throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, South Africa and Australasia.

Roundabout Music Loops
Jerry Cline dishes up a modern sample of drum and bass loops in a variety of styles. If your production needs some samples to get some ideas going check out these great loops.

Score Wizard
Ken Mazur and friends have come up with an awesome music collection ranging in style from laid back piano to hard edged dance music. There is quite a bit of variety throughout.

Sound Ideas Music
Founded in 1978 in Canada, Sound Ideas is one of the world's largest publisher of sound effects for the professional broadcast, post-production and motion picture industries. They also publish The Mix Broadcast Music Library, and offer a growing number of products for use in multimedia, game and Web design.

Silver Oak
SilverOak Music Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company. Formed in 2000, they are located in the beautiful Sussex countryside. SilverOak Music Entertainment has its own classical music label "Scribendum", specializing in recordings from the Golden Age of the LP. All of their re-mastering is now done at Abbey Road Studios using the ART re-mastering system.

Simon Wolfe
Simon is based in Devon, in the South West of England, where he writes music for TV shows and a variety of productions. His music is represented here with styles ranging from ambient soundscapes to electronica.

Founded in 1978 by industry visionary, Harn Soper, SoperSound continues to be a leading innovator in the field of background music for television, multimedia and new-millennium broadcast venues.

Soundelicious, headed by composer Christian Lundberg, offers a catalog with high quality tracks suitable for Film and Television, Soundtracks, Radio, Jingles, Corporate productions, Promotions and Music beds for advertising. Christian Lundberg lives and works in Santa Monica, California. He can be found performing in a wide variety of musical genres and has performed, produced, toured and recorded with such diverse artists as Tim James (Columbia Records), Rasa 9, Rhett Frazier Inc., Carol Ann Plante, Libido, Formula 45, Julia Fly and numerous other independent Los Angeles based artists. Additionally Mr. Lundberg has composed, produced, mixed and played guitar on several commercials, instructional DVDs and independent movies.

At Stockmusic the creators of this collection write super-groovy cutting-edge royalty-free stock music: from ultra-hip block rockin' electronic grooves and trippy breakbeats to ambient, classical and world beat styles.

ToneWorks Records
Gerhard Daum's Toneworks Records was perfected while he studied music composition at the University of Music Karlsruhe in Germany and at the University of Music and Art Graz in Austria. A 6 cd collection of Film, techno, dramatic, romantic, and urban music, amongst other genres.

Trend Audio
Trendaudio is a company where experienced musicians, DJs and Sound engineers work towards innovation and new trends in music. From Dance and Samba to different guitar varieties, TrendAudio covers a variety of musical ground.

Thomas J Valentino from New York offers Sounddogs 96 CDs with over 3000 selections in more than 45 categories. These genres range in style from Action and Anthems to Cartoon and Suspense. This catalog represents more than 20 Genres and is a great addition to the collection of music online.

Woo Woo Music
Dewey Dellay started his career playing bass in such diverse settings as jazz with Gary Burton and Pat Metheny, rock with Ronnie Spector, and classical with the MIT Orchestra. His experience as a player naturally lead to composing for television, including the soap opera "Guiding Light", and national commercials for products like AOL, Imitrex, Rogaine, and Levitra. Some films he has composed for are "Amy's Rules", "Pearl Harbor - The View from Japan ", and, "Haunted Lantern." Dewey's theater work includes original music for The Countess and Betrayal, winner of an Elliot Norton Award. He has also been nominated for an IRNE in Boston for sound design.

Zebra Music
Hailing from Arizona, Steve Veloudos has been a musician playing, writing, and recording music for over 25 years. His has music from infectious grooves to techno tracks in different styles.

ZiS Music
From the Producers of the critically acclaimed Nightingale Music Library and the Nightingale Voice Box comes this brand new library of great music! The ZiS Music Library offers 'buyout' tracks with very high production value. Each track averages a length of 2:30 and also offers an additional 30 and 60 second version. If you're looking for great tracks, check out ZiS Music!