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Sound ID 11352974
Audio Content: Production Music

Sound File Description: Prelude To Battle (60 Sec Version) - �Prelude To The Battle� Is An Orchestral Piece With A Specific Purpose. It Is Heroic Theme Where Characters Are Preparing For Battle, Soldiers Are Being Trained, Or Something Equally Exciting And Unnerving. Whether Gladiators Or Star Cruisers This Epic Piece Is Perfect For Any Scene That Needs A Sense Of Building Excitement. The Piece Finishes On A Tense Chord, As A Reminder Of The Battle Not Yet Fought. Trailer. Juris Eihmanis (Akka / Laa)

Library: Music Revolution    Music Revolution

Length: 61 seconds

Channels: 2

Sound File Formats Available: WAV, MP3

Sample Rate:  44100 Hz

Bit Depth:  16 bits

Sound UID: 11352974

Delivery Method: Download

Max Cost: $ 77.13

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