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Sound Effects Partners

3rd Degree Sound
Ric Viers has worked on nearly 90 professionally released sound effects libraries and has amassed a personal library of over 50,000 effects.

AJ PROAudio has a very select group of award winning composers and producers that have over 20 years of experience in production music and creating sound design, Ident packages and fully orchestrated themes for TV and Radio. They truly deliver high end and unique products. Based in New York and London AJ PRO Audio’s premium products are produced totally from scratch using their extensive library of weird and wonderful sounds, and are therefore 100% original! You only have to hear a short sample to hear why we're different.

After more than 15 years AMG has compiled an extremely long and impressive list of 'hits' at regular intervals. Despite being pioneers they have set benchmarks others have rarely been able to match many years later. Their emphasis has always been on innovation, inspiration and a dedication to quality. Their library now encompasses over 100 bodies of work and many hundreds of CDs.

Architect Of Sound (AoS)
Architect of Sound provides custom music composition and sound design for Film/TV/New Media projects in the US. Led by Adam A. Johnson, credits include Aquafina-Pepsico, the National Endowment for the Arts, US Customs, Exxon, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and more. Additional services include sonic branding, foley, audio sweetening and mixing, and music supervision. DJ scratches now available.

Bobby Mackston
The Simpson's Supervising Sound Editor for over ten years, is the industry leader in animated television and a Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, and Music Editor. Bobby's credits include Duplex, Big Trouble, Men In Black (I & II), Wild Wild West, Casino, Wyatt Earp, Get Shorty, Matilda, Mission Hill, The Critic and King of the Hill.

Bjorn Lynne
LynneMusic is a music and sound design label run by Bjorn Lynne, a self taught musician and sound designer from Norway, Scandinavia. Bjorn has recently set up his own studio in Norway, after working in the UK for 10 years producing music for everything from large installations and high profile television programs (BBC Meet the Ancestors, CBS 60 Minutes, Granada Men and Motors and many more), right down to ringtones for BT (UK's largest telephone operator) and music for video games.

Bjorn Lynne continues to compose and produce music in his Norwegian seafront studio and recently his music has been licensed by such clients as Microsoft, BBC, U.S. Air Force, and hundreds of others. Bjorn is also a keen sound designer and can often be found out and about recording natural and unnatural sounds and noises.

Casablanca is a complete post production facility for film and television projects. The award winning designers, editors and mixers work in collaboration in a custom designed facility that includes picture editing, sound design, video finishing and packaging for international markets, ADR and Foley stages and 5 Mixing stages. Their library is an internationally eclectic collection of original non-published sounds. It contains an extensive library of foreign ambiences that are invaluable for multimedia and post production.

Coll Anderson Sound EFX
Coll has been the Production Sound Mixer on over 20 feature films including Steve Buscemi's critically acclaimed "Trees Lounge" and Alex Winter's "Fever", an official selection in the Directors Fortnight at Cannes. His production resume includes television shows Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and National commercial campaigns. He has been the supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer for more that 20 feature films and was the sound designer for Errol Morris' Emmy winning PBS Stay Curious Advertising Campaign. The Village Voice praised Coll's sound design on "Fever" for "weaving creaks, clanks, and thumps into a distinctive and eerie symphony of tenement sounds." Roger Ebert said of "Mr. Death, The Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter Jr." - "...this film sounds amazing!"

The C. Library
The C. Library was founded by Alain Lachassagne, Pierre Gamet, Pierre Lenoir and Bernard Bats and is internationally regarded as a feature film sound design, editorial and mixing company. They have collaborated with such prestigious Directors as Alain Resnais, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Costa-Gavras, Jacques Rivette, Ridley Scott, John Frankenheimer, Claude Berri, Francis Veber, and Peter Weir. The C. Library films are often nominated for very prestigious awards such as the BAFTA, Academy Award, Golden Palm, César, and European Film Award.

Craig Henighan
Craig is a talented sound designer, sound effects designer & sound editor with over fifty movie and television credits. Some of his better known design & edit projects include the T.V. series "La Femme Nikita" which he received the Gemini award for best sound editing. Feature films include "Requiem For A Dream"(MPSE award nomination), "Ali", "Red Dragon", "Miracle", Resident Evil: Apocalypse (which garnered him a Genie award for sound editing) and most recently "The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl."

Dan O'Connell
Dan O'Connell puts the "art" in Foley artist. You don't build a resume like Dan's unless you are outstanding at what you do. Gladiator, Pearl Harbor, The Bourne Identity, Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby are just a handful of over 150 projects Dan has added his magic to and the list keeps growing.

Darwin Chamber
Darwin Chamber has been active in sound design for TV and feature projects, as well as the progressive Electronic music scene for more than 20 years. A professional sound engineer on ‘South Park’ and bona fide "knob tweaker," Darwin Chamber has earned respect on a technical level, as well as a creative one.

The Digiffects Sound Effects Library is formatted so that each editor can create atmospheres unique to their production. Each sound effect is isolated, making it easy to capture the exact sound required. This wide ranging collection offers American and European alternatives on things like sirens, crowds and telephones.

Tom McMurtry provides production and post-production services for television drama, documentaries, feature films and large format projects. We offer digital post-production services, which include picture editing, sound design, music score and final mix. Our Sound library consists of over 10000 original fxs.

Farts Dot Com
A clever idea that started as a gag. The founder was tired of the Dating Phone Line, the Psychic Phone Line & the Sports Phone Line.he thought, why not a Fart Line? Why not indeed! His fun phone line evolved with technology & he has become the largest effects library specializing in farts. Need farts? You name it, he's got it.

Hanna Barbera
Yes, THAT Hanna-Barbera! Now the sound effects that we have all come to know and love can be yours! This library features all the great sounds that have become synonymous with legendary cartoon shows like The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, and all the rest of the gang.

Interplay Entertainment Corp. is a worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of award-winning entertainment software for both core gamers and the mass market.Founded in 1983, Interplay offers a broad range of products in the action, adventure, role-playing, strategy and sports categories across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Dreamcast and Nintendo. In addition to publishing such hit titles as Descent, Virtual Pool, Fallout, Baldur's Gate and Earthworm Jim, Interplay has also secured rights to licensed properties which include Star Trek and Advanced Dungeon and Dragons.
Sounddogs.com offers monster and magical sounds from these ground breaking games for immediate download in a variety of formats.

Laughing Scarecrow
Laughing Scarecrow Productions is a small sound effects company based in the South East of England. They have a great collection of high quality Ambiences and SFX to offer. They have an award winning team and are expanding into the video game industry.

Nightingale Mobile
From the Producers of the Nightingale Music Library and the Nightingale Voice Box,Nightingale Mobile was created to look after the overwhelming requests for ringtones from its libraries. From the initial offering of 3000 ringtones, Nightingale has added new ringtones specifically for the mobile market and now also offers video clips and video programming to its content catalogue as well.The Mobile industry is growing rapidly and so is Nightingale Mobile.

Nightingale Voice Box
One of the largest and most respected producers of "voice" production elements, Nightingale first got its name producing and distributing first class music and sound effects and then added this new library to it's line-up. Nightingale has been supplying voice elements to Hollywood feature films, tv shows, commercials, games and multi-media producers around the world ever since.

Nokes Library
The President and Founder of Soundogs is proud to offer their private collection of newly recorded material from many recent Hollywood films. You can always expect the highest quality when it comes to this "Sounddog"

Point One Sound
Point One Sound presents a sound library so realistic that you won't believe your ears - effects that put you in the middle of the action. A speeding train, a roaring crowd, or a gentle breeze, these tracks have sonic imaging unlike anything you have heard before.
Captured entirely on location with custom built, portable multi track rigs, Point One Sounds are true, discrete, 5.1 surround recordings, no reverb, no overdubs, no special processors, just pure, 360 degrees of spatial sound.

Andy Newell has gained recognition and won awards for his work on such campaigns as The Budweiser Lizards, Yahoo!, AFLAC, Isuzu, SEGA, Pizza Hut, Toshiba, Kia, E*Trade. He was on the Academy Award winning Sound Effects editing team for the feature film Bram Stokers Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppolla. As Lead Sound Designer & Composer at Earwax Productions, Inc. and now with ripe sound, he has received 20 Clio Awards and a Cannes Silver Lion. Together with Sound Designers at ripe who bring their work within multimedia, ripe sound gives you the ripe SFX library.

Rob Nokes Horse Racing Collection
Sound Effects Recordist Rob Nokes first career was in horse racing. From the age of five to nineteen he worked at Assiniboia Downs as a Jockey's runner, color boy, TV cameraman and switcher. In 1989, Nokes left the racetrack for the sound studios of Toronto, and eventually Los Angeles, where he has recorded and created sounds for movies like Seabiscuit, The Insider, The Cable Guy, From Dusk Til Dawn, and was most recently the Supervising Sound Editor on Miracle, recording and creating the sounds of hockey. Rob is the President and Founder of Sounddogs, Inc.

Sonic Science
Sonic Science is dedicated to developing innovative products and technologies for the post production industry. They offer a range of outstanding audio-related products, including the world's most powerful sound retrieval and media management system, Sonic Search, as well as a variety of high quality CD audio and CD-ROM sound effect and production music libraries. Sonic Science's exclusive collection of CD audio and CD-ROM production libraries include: the Sonic Boon libraries, a constantly growing collection of digitally recorded sound effects from short clips to long ambiences; the Sonic Source Music Library, a collection of almost 500 original musical compositions representing a broad range of categories, styles and composition lengths; and Sonic Source CD-ROM Music for Multimedia.

Sound Ideas SFX
Founded in 1978 and now located just outside of Toronto, Canada, Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of sound effects for the professional broadcast, post-production and motion picture industries. We also publish The Mix Broadcast Music Library, and offer a growing number of products for use in multimedia, game and Web design. Our sound effects and music libraries are used all over the world. Sound Ideas is the exclusive worldwide distributor for a number of custom-created feature film studio sound effect libraries, including: 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Universal Studios, Turner Entertainment, Disney Ideas, Hanna-Barbara, Warner Bros., The Saul Zaentz Film Center (creators of "Amadeus"), and Jay Ward Productions - the creators of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Sound HOG
"Foraging the planet for the World's greatest sounds" is SoundHOG. Specializing in the capture of 24-bit nature recordings and documentary sound, SoundHOG is all digital and surround sound capable in the field. Evocative and stunningly immersive, SoundHOG's recordings put you there without the jet lag and mosquitoes. Owner and engineer Paul Lackey has 12 years experience in sound design, post-production, and field recording. Available for assignments worldwide.
Paul Lackey has also created sound effects and music for Walt Disney, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and has performed audio-post duties for NBC Sports, ESPN, Outdoor Life, and hundreds of TV and radio spots. Paul Lackey is currently designing sound for new titles for the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

Sound Label
The Sound Label team is proud to bring you the latest in innovative sound. If you're looking for something wild, there's "Piano Attack"; a new and unique sample collection of a hammered, beaten, prepared and abused piano. Everything you always wanted to do with a piano but were afraid to try.
If you need something with an Eastern flavor there's Basic Asia. Since Asia has a sound of its own - the nature, the villages, the city, the traffic, the temples and the crowds - then so should your sounds. This talented team of designers is based in the Netherlands.

Heidi and Gerhard Narholz founded the company and continue to manage it on a day-to-day basis as a family concern. They are supported by a young, highly motivated team of professionals and hundreds of composers, performers and producers in many countries who guarantee the highest standards.
Experience and leadership combined with an enthusiastic team guarantees a music library of the highest quality, diversity, range, authenticity and personal service.

Sounddogs.com was created in May of 1997 by Hollywood sound editors with over sixty feature film credits. Sounddogs.com has over 260,000 sounds including award winning sound effects and world class music for productions of any size and budget.
Sounddogs.com is the first and largest online sound effects library on the Internet and continues to lead the market by increasing the massive online library every month with high quality new content.

Soundminer SFX Library
Our friends from Crunch Recording Studios in Toronto not only have created a great piece of software called Soundminer but along the way have also recorded a great general collection of sound effects shot all over the world.

SoundStorm's award-winning team has received accolades worldwide for producing the highest quality soundtracks on feature films. Their cutting edge technology pioneered the way sound tracks are recorded, produced and mixed. Knowing the audience becomes more sophisticated each year SoundStorm cranked it up to meet the challenge! Some of their credits include Tomb Raider, XXX, The Fast and the Furious, Batman Forever, and Collateral Damage.

The Anarchist Cookbook
The Anarchist Cookbook Sound Library hosts sounds from the film by Jordan Sussman, featuring sounds designed by the Sound Dogs Toronto team, ambiences recorded in rural Texas, and effects created by Sound Supervisor Rob Nokes.

The Recordist
The Recordist team tells it like it is - they are, in their own words: "The place for incredible sound effects." This is also the home of Creative Sound Design, a state-of-the-art sound design facility. They offer an array of sounds to enhance any & all projects. Categories include: Aviation, Automobiles, Communications, Crashes, Household, Industry, Foley and Transportation just to name a few.
Many internationally known artists and media companies such as Los Lobos, Michael Gettel, Private Music, Narada, Microsoft, Disney Interactive, Epic Games, Nintendo and countless others have included their unique sound design elements in their products.

Tomahawk Films
Have you ever listened to those evocative sounds on WW-II television documentaries and wondered about their origin?
A Hurricane fighter with its straining Rolls Royce Merlin engine taking off from a forward strip in the Battle of Britain; the heavy fire of an armored assault as Panzer-grenadiers, firing machine-pistols and flame-throwers in support of the Waffen-SS assaulting the forward positions; Stukas screaming down on zigzagging convoys whilst Royal Naval gunners throw up a constant wall of anti-aircraft fire? With war-time newsreels shot mute, many sound effects are brought from Tomahawk Film's highly respected and professional UK-based historical archive for dubbing by sound engineers; clients include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 and many international television production companies and museums including Britain's renowned Imperial War Museum in London and the fabled Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

Trak Works
Trak Works' Ken Johnson is widely regarded as one of the most sought after Sound Effects recordists in Hollywood. Ken's famous in the business for his recordings of firearms (guns) and trains. His film credits include all of the major studios, and more importantly, most of the leading Supervising Sound Editors in the business. Some of his credits include Turbulence, The Green Mile, Fargo, Independence Day, Twister, Mafia!, Wyatt Earp, Two If By Sea, Stargate, Turbulence, Freaked, I know What You Did Last Summer, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and The Hunt for Red October.

"When you hear most any sound other than a human voice on television, radio, in the movies or theatre, there's a good chance that it was developed in the Valentino Studios."

Vancouver Film School offers a proven one-year education for everything in the entertainment industry, including a Sound Design program that is easily one of the most successful and well respected of any available, including four-year degree programs. Students study dialogue editing, mixing, recording, and music production. All the instructors in Sound Design are professionals from the field, with tremendous experience on major Hollywood productions as well as independent projects, so that our faculty match your education to the culture and workflow of a post-production Sound Design studio.

Zak Sound
Zak Sound can give your project the audio impact it needs. From original weapon design to chilling creations, their sound will make your project come to life. You know you're in good hands when they have designed sound for clients like Microsoft, Nike, & Boeing and video game sound credits such as Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, Counter Strike, Sin & Star Trek: Elite Force 2.